Jonathan Baxter

Artist and …


Image pending.

(In the meantime, imagine a large colour wheel being rolled through the streets of Edinburgh.)

the accident reveals something important we would not otherwise know how to perceive – Paul Virilio

A+E braids the terms accident and emergency, art and ecology, art and education.

Since 2012 A+E has been the conceptual driver for my practice.

If I were a different sort of person – a more professionalised artist, perhaps – I’d ditch the term accident and focus solely on the emergency: the endless (dis)array of social, environmental and economic injustices that scar the present and repeat throughout history.

But accidents matter and art is an accident. It’s a social practice waiting to happen.

A+E is currently at play in the context of two long-term residencies:

A+E at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh and Craigmillar and Communities Walking Residency

accidental perceptions can sometimes be profound, but it is always best to make the accidental perception into a leavening agent, to extend its radiance and influence throughout the texture of the work – Ben Okri