Jonathan Baxter

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the accident reveals something important we would not otherwise know how to perceive – Paul Virilio

A+E braids the terms accident and emergency, art and ecology, art and education. Since 2012 A+E has been the conceptual driver for my practice.

If I were a different sort of person – a more professionalised artist – I’d ditch the term accident and focus solely on the emergency: the endless array of social and ecological injustices that scar the present and repeat throughout history.

But accidents matter and art is an accident. It’s a social practice waiting to happen; a practice where nothing is determined and everything is possible.

So when art meets an emergency the horizon is shattered. The impossible becomes possible, the ordinary becomes extraordinary (and then, perhaps, ordinary again). And the task of the artist is simply this: to through a Frisbee and walk towards it.

Frisbee = concept. Concept = possibility. Possibility = future. Future = now.