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As a curator who works predominantly through peer-education and collaboration I have an ambivalent relationship to the singular title, ‘curator’. (David Balzer’s book, Curationism, is a helpful debunking.) Nevertheless, the title fits: to curate – from the Latin curatus – means, to care.

For the most part I curate through a peer-education process, working with artists and non-artists to provide the necessary conditions for the public reception and engagement of their work.

Murmur – Artists Reflect on Climate Change (2017)

An Talla Solais’ 2017 summer exhibition and events programme. In addition to the exhibition, Murmur was a collaboration with ATS to explore alternative approaches to curation and exhibition making.

Artists: Sarah Gittins, Chloe Lewis, Ellis O’Connor, Meg Rodger, Saule Zuk

Emily Johns: The Politics of Print (co-curated with Sarah Gittins) (2016)

The exhibition focused on Johns’ political prints over a 20 year period and explored the relationship between global conflict and oil dependency. Part of Print Festival Scotland, 2016.

Artist: Emily Johns

Sharing Not Hoarding (co-curated with Nomas*Projects) (2015-ongoing)

A temporary public art project utilising the hoardings surrounding Plot 10 in Dundee’s Waterfront Development. Each exhibition consists of 18 framed 4-sheet posters and, when possible, a public engagement strategy.

Artists: Owen Daily / Dundee Print Collective: Sarah Burt, Tom Carlile, Annis Fitzhugh, Lucia Gomez, Jonny Lyons, Fraser MacDonald, Kieran Milne, Andrea Sayers, Bobby Sinclair, and Thomas Woodcock / Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen / Arts, Society and Publics: Mhairi Anderson, Hayley Whelan, Jonathan Liddle, and Sue Beveridge / David “Cully” McCulloch / Robert Orchardson / Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg

Dundee Commons Festival (2015)

The culmination of a year-long, peer-education programme explore the meaning and potential of the commons for Dundee. The week-long festival included daily walks, talks, workshops, performances, music, dance, poetry, public art, co-design, and a print exhibition. The host venue was Dundee West Hall (now Roseangle Commons), with additional workshops and performances taking place at Discovery Point, Dundee City Square, Dundee Waterfront, Empire State Cafe, GENERATORprojects, and Hannah Maclure Centre.

Artists and other contributors: Cathy Bache / Sarah Banjo / Jonathan Baxter* / Claire Briegel* / Sonny Carntyne / Kate Clayton* / Common Good Food / Creative Cooking Society / Owen Daily / Dundee Foodbank / Dundee Social Enterprise / Dundee Girlguides / Dundee Urban Orchard (Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins) / Esperi / Faith in Community Dundee / Joanna Foster* / Britta Funck-Januschke* / Jeanette Ginslov* (and dancers) / Sarah Gittins* / Beth McDonough /  Duncan McLaren* / Metacandriu / Gerry O’Brien* / One World Centre / Alison Philp* / Roundabout Collective / Tina Scopa* / Pernille Spence / Karen Spy and Donald Spy* / Steeple Book Group / The Artifact / The Space / Emil Thompson / Tribal Storm / Tom Wallace* / Lada Wilson* / Wire and Wool / Chiu Yi-Chieh

Speakers: Gesa Helms / Lesley Riddoch / Mike Small / Cornelia Sollfrank / Andy Wightman

* designates regular attendance of the If the City Were a Commons programme

Mappa Dundee: What Sustains? (2014)

Part of a wider research project entitled Curating City and Space, Mappa Dundee commissioned 5 artists and 2 artist-run organisations to reflect on the question ‘What Sustains?’ The artists mapped their social, environmental and economic relationships within the city and explored the support structures available (or not) for their creative practice.

Artists: Ruth Aitken* / Anton Beaver / Yvonne Billimore* / Morgan Cahn / Owen Daily / Catrin Jeans / Holly Keasey* / James Lee* / Kirsty McKeown* / Fraser MacDonald / Tin Roof Collective

*GENERATORprojects committee were invited to participate in the mapping. They chose to work as individual artists.

Print Shift: Art, Ecology and Cultural Activism (2013)

The exhibition explored the relationship between ecology and cultural activism with a focus on food, economics and identity. It included performance, print, installation, sculpture, video, and a related programme of participatory events. Part of Print Festival Scotland 2013.

Artists: Shazia Ahmed / Chris Biddlecombe / Dundee Urban Orchard (Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins) / Dean Kenning / Chad McCail

Cupar Arts Festival – Roseangle Studios representative exhibition (2013)

Shown as part of Cupar Arts Festival, 2013, this loosely curated exhibition brought together work by Roseangle Studios artists. It included performance, print, textiles, installation and a series of public events. Venues included Cupar’s YMCA, an empty shopfront, a carpark, and various open air locations around the town.

Artists: Jonathan Baxter / Sarah Gittins / Holly Keasey / Eilidh Mackay / Mattias Strahm

Dundee Urban Orchard (2013-ongoing)

DUO continue to create exhibitions and events in Dundee and further afield. While not specifically a curatorial project, DUO have toured and installed work for a variety of contexts and exhibitions including the Orchard City print exhibition (touring in Dundee from 2014 – 2016 and now permanently displayed at Arthurstone Library), as well as a variety of other participatory and exhibition contexts. These include Roseangle Gallery, ‘Small Gestures’, Dundee (2014), GENERATORprojects, ‘VIEW’, Dundee (2014), Sharing Not Hoarding, ‘Shadow Work’, Dundee (2015), Triennale di Milano, ‘City After the City’, Milan, (2016), ONCA – Centre for Arts and Ecology, ‘Harvest’, Brighton (2016), Whitespace, ‘Arrivals’, Edinburgh (2016), and Print Festival Scotland, ‘Print City’, part of Dundee Design Festival (2017).

The Kingdom of If – Art and Sustainability in Fife (2012-13)

Curated for Fife’s Mobile Art Coach on behalf of Fife Contemporary (formerly Fife Contemporary Art and Craft) this exhibition explored environmental sustainability with a focus on biodiversity, food, recycling, travel, and waste. It included animation, ceramics, mixed media sculpture, painting, photography, print, textile, sound, an events programme and schools visits.

Artists: Ae Phor (formerly Pete Horobin, Marshall Anderson and Peter Haining) / Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins / Joanna Foster / Sean and Christine Kingsley / Edward Summerton / Raz Ullah

Performing Worlds – Public Art, Performance and Education Event – a week-long festival and extended exhibition (2012)

The exhibition took place at Hannah Maclure Centre and explored the private and public roots of socially art practice from the late 1960s to the present. It included a reprint and recirculation of Stephen Willats’ formerly ‘disappeared’ 1969 ‘Cognition Manifesto’.

Artists: Dundee Urban Orchard (Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins) / Pete Horobin / Tracy MacKenna & Edwin Janssen / Stephen Willats

The festival explored a variety of themes loosely inspired by the provocation of ‘Performing Worlds’. It took place in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations across the city including Camperdown Wildlife Centre, Dundee City Square, GENERATORprojects, Hannah Maclure Centre, Olympia Leisure Centre, Tayside Recyclers, Wellgate Library, and the former Dundee Chamber of Commerce.

Artists: Ruth Aitken / Jonathan Baxter / Yvonne Billimore / Morgan Cahn / Tara Chaloner / Charlotte Ginsborg / Sarah Gittins / Alexander Gordon / Jeremy Hardingham / Holly Keasey / Sylvia Law / Theresa Lynn / Gerry O’Brien / Beth Savage / Catherine Sloan / Pernille Spence / eta

Speakers: Timothy Collins and Reiko Goto / Anne Lolly and Susannah Silver / Tracy MacKenna & Edwin Janssen / Neil Mulholland

Dundee Live – Public Art, Performance and Education Event – a week long festival and extended exhibition (2011)

The exhibition, entitled ‘SOIL’, took place in the Hannah Maclure Centre, and explored soil from a variety of perspectives: aesthetic, environmental, sociological and scientific. It included film, performance, print, sculpture, and research undertaken by University of Abertay Dundee’s SIMBIOS Centre.

Artists: Jonathan Baxter / Stephanie Bourne / Dalziel and Scullion / Sarah Gittins / Jan Hendry / Ashley Nieuwenhuizen / SIMBIOS Centre

The festival explored Dundee as a city in performance. It included site specific animation, dance, film, installation, music, performance, print, sound, and a group exhibition. It took place in a variety of venues including Bonar Hall, GENERATORprojects, Dundee City Square, Olympia Leisure Centre, Tayside Recyclers, University of Abertay Dundee, University of Dundee Botanic Garden, Wellgate Central Library, and the numbers 1, 5, 15, 22 and 28 bus routes.

Artists: Helen Angell-Preece / Lindsay Brown (Stray Seal) / Glasgow Open School / Guerrilla Gallery / Sarah Gittins / Derek Lodge / Scottish Dance Theatre / Mary Somerville / Pernille Spence / Karen Spy / The Space Dancers / and the Mappa Mundi exhibitors and performers: Joss Allen / Jonathan Baxter / Tara Chaloner / Joanna Foster / Sarah Gittins / Holly Keasey / Loads of Women Singing / Kevin McCabe / Nigel Mullan / Gerry O’Brien

Art and Ecology – Where Two Worlds Meet (2010)

A week-long arts and education event at University of Dundee Botanic Garden. The event included an exhibition of prints, research into environmental design, a film screening, two walks, and a talk on the legacy of Patrick Geddes.

Artists and other contributors: Sarah Gittins / University of Dundee Botanic Gardens / etc.

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