Jonathan Baxter

Artist and …

Once upon a painter

This page is currently being updated. Please return in January 2022.

Prior to my MFA (2008-9), which I undertook as a Multiple Free Association, I was, for the most part, a painter. I also assembled objects and made drawings.

My decision to undertake an MFA was a decision to step into the artworld full time. Consequently I brought together different strands of my life and made a cat’s cradle out of the description ‘artist, curator and peer-educator’. The result: less painting, more socially engaged artwork and curation.

Nevertheless, paintings still speak to me (and I hope to return to them soon). Here are some of the things they said.

Bye Bye Melanie Klein - Jonathan Baxter - 2006-7

Jonathan Baxter - Untitled - 2006

More images pending …