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All of my projects are performative. They include solo and group performances, performance installations, peer-education programmes, curated exhibitions and events. But the following images have been selected with a more conventional definition of performance in mind: people doing strange things in front of other strange people.

Explanatory content is lacking. Additional images and descriptions will be supplied in October 2019.

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Platform, 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, NEoN Festival, 2011

Earth Breath - a two hour performance buried in soil, part of the opening night for 'Soil', 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Time's Rope (co-devised with Emilia Giudicelli), Performing Worlds, 2012

Sounding Out - Jonathan Baxter

Dundee Artists in Residence, Dundee Live - Lindsay Brown, 'Tay River Drift' (evening - edd tide - live performance), 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, Solar Cities Scotland, Water Cafe, 2012

Jonathan Baxter - Performing Worlds - Big Dip at Broughty Ferry Harbour

Li Lo, Say Nothing - Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Baxter, Post-mortem - GENERATORprojects, 2013

Note: these images happened to be on my desktop. A more comprehensive selection will be made available in October 2019.









































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