Jonathan Baxter

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Strictly speaking, all of my (and our) projects are performative. (See the definition supplied on the Performance Platform flyer below.) But the following images have been selected with a more conventional ‘performance’ indicator in mind. They include solo performances, group performances, performance installations, and performance events I have devised and/or curated. Explanatory content is lacking. The image lies. (You had to be there.)

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Platform, 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, NEoN Festival, 2011

Earth Breath - a two hour performance buried in soil, part of the opening night for 'Soil', 2011Dundee Artists in Residence, Time's Rope (co-devised with Emilia Giudicelli), Performing Worlds, 2012

Sounding Out - Jonathan Baxter

Dundee Artists in Residence, Dundee Live - Lindsay Brown, 'Tay River Drift' (evening - edd tide - live performance), 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, Solar Cities Scotland, Water Cafe, 2012

Jonathan Baxter - Performing Worlds - Big Dip at Broughty Ferry Harbour

Li Lo, Say Nothing - Jonathan BaxterJonathan Baxter, Post-mortem - GENERATORprojects, 2013