Jonathan Baxter

Artist and …


All of my projects are performative. Like a stone dropped in water. They include solo and group performances, performance installations, peer-education programmes, curated exhibitions and events.

However, the following images have been selected with a more conventional definition of performance in mind: a live presentation, scripted or unscripted, random or orchestrated, spontaneous or otherwise, with or without an obvious audience.

Explanatory content is lacking. Additional images and descriptions will be supplied by January 2022.

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Platform, 2011

'Vision Building for a Future Something', MFA Showcase, Jonathan Baxter, 2009

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, NEoN Festival, 2011

Performance Platform - Out of Order

Earth Breath - a two hour performance buried in soil, part of the opening night for 'Soil', 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Time's Rope (co-devised with Emilia Giudicelli), Performing Worlds, 2012

Sounding Out - Jonathan Baxter

Dundee Artists in Residence, Dundee Live - Lindsay Brown, 'Tay River Drift' (evening - edd tide - live performance), 2011

Dundee Artists in Residence, Performance Collective, Solar Cities Scotland, Water Cafe, 2012

Jonathan Baxter - Performing Worlds - Big Dip at Broughty Ferry Harbour

Jonathan Baxter - Silent Music - HMC Performance

Silent Music - Jonathan Baxter

Li Lo, Say Nothing - Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Baxter - Li-Lo and Say Nothing - Performing Worlds, 2012

Jonathan Baxter - Christ Bunny - Cupar Arts - Research Performance

MFA Students - temp title - Performing Worlds

Pernilla Spence - Performing Worlds - Penultimate Event

A Workshop of Ordinary Things - Jonathan Baxter, Limosine Bull, 2012

Jonathan Baxter, Post-mortem - GENERATORprojects, 2013